What to do in Corrèze?

What to do in Corrèze?

That's it, you've found your holiday rental in Corrèze . It's time to set off to discover Limousin.
A multitude of activities are available to you. Head out into the great outdoors as you discover our beautiful country.

Discover the Corrézien heritage.

The Middle Ages have handed down their heritage to us. From the ruins of the Château de Ventadour to the Medieval Farm, come and walk in the footsteps of the troubadours.
The region is full of churches, from the Romanesque style of the abbey of Meymac to the Gothic style of the Cathedral of Tulle. Cross the centuries thanks to this remarkable heritage.
Authentic villages to discover . Perched on a hill or in the heart of a valley, our towns are not lacking in charm. Treignac, Beaulieu sur Dordogne or Argentat will delight lovers of stone houses.
In your opinion, how many ""most beautiful villages in France"" do we have in Corrèze? The answer is five:
    • Segur le Chateau
    • Saint-Robert
    • Collonges la Rouge
    • Turenne
    • Curemonte.
Stroll through these typical villages and stop off at local restaurants and markets that serve Limousin specialties.
Fan of industrial heritage?
EDF dam of the Dordogne Valley, Viaduc des Rochers Noirs, the creations of the 20th century enrich your repertoire of unusual tours.

To enrich yourself with the cultural treasures of Corrèze.

The Corrèze offers you access to culture as a family.
Guided tours transport you to other eras, like Musée de la Chapelle aux Saints (Neanderthal man)..
The music is also in the spotlightin the town of Tulle with the Accordéon centre, one of the most important collections in France.
A Land of Presidents, Corrèze has given two Presidents to the French . The Sarran museum brings together the presidential gifts received by Jacques Chirac during his twelve years in power. An unusual place to discover with friends or family.

The open air side of Corrèze.

Breathtaking viewpoints: Suc-au-May, Puy de Sarran, the panoramic tower of Mont Bessou .
Organize family hikes to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Corrèze.
Want to swim? the many lakes , ponds and rivers will welcome you for a wide choice of water activities for young and old.
Athletes will enjoy following rugby and the Brive la Gaillarde team .
Seen from above ! Take off in a hot air balloon or paraglider and fly over the pretty towns of Corrèze.
Discover all the addresses on the website of the Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières Tourist Office